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Beginner’s Guide for Surfers of the 2020s

So, you like surfing; great! it’s about time you did! Australia is a beautiful country filled with enough beaches to surf at. hence, it’s quite common for a beach to have a few rookie surfers every single day. When you’re planning to surf for the first time, it’s very natural to feel overwhelmed. But the more you learn, the less anxious you’d feel on the first day.

Hence, let us dive into this beginner’s guide for surfers in the 2020s.

Understand the Basics of Surfboard Selection

You’re never as tall as the surfboard; that’s just one rule of thumb. Then comes the selection of the ideal surfboard volume. Although this is a matter that usually weighs, there are other factors that matter as well. For example, the ideal surfboard volume for a person of weight 40Kg is around 30L.

Never Wear Anything Other Than Wetsuits

There’s no doubt that you thought that even you could try out surfing currents wearing nothing but pair of beach shorts; well, you were wrong. Australian waters are quite cold and once the winter is around the corner, the temperature is cold enough to freeze you a little bit.

This is why you should go for O’Neill 4/3 wetsuits for sure. If you don’t know what it means by 4/3 in wetsuits, it basically means that the thickness of the fabric around the torse is 4mm and arms and legs in 3mm.

The torso always needs extra protection to keep the breathing steady after your body gets accustomed to the ocean’s coldness. Although there are 2/3 suits as well, it’s better to go for 4/3 ones, but never the beach shorts and such.

Let a Pro Go with You a Few Times Firstly

You need to have a surfing pro around you until you get accustomed. No matter how much of a swimmer you were, you won’t be able to handle a surfboard if you didn’t know how to get used to it.

In addition, it’s better to have a predetermined signal with the pro surfing friend. If not, it’d be too difficult to communicate in an emergency.

Learn Basic Security Aspects on Your Own

Most don’t understand just how dangerous a surfboard can be in the wrong context. For example, you should always try to jump as far as you could from aboard when you jump off in the ocean.

On the flip side, keeping an eye for the close-by surfacers with whom you might have to share the wave also will help you much safer. Sometimes what you wear helps them see you better, and this is another situation where wetsuits are better.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that you both need to be well equipped and with the right people close to you for the first few hours or the first few days. After that, it’s only going to get better. At the end of the day, you’d be able to get ahold of surfing and will realize that you made the right choice by investing in all the best surfing equipment in the first place.

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