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How to Install a Bullbar?

Based on your model and the type of body armour and security you require the bull bar setup can differ from a super-easy, Sunday afternoon fun festival to a porch-hosted blood battle among you, the bull bar and any tool in your arsenal. Much relies on the vehicle and the amount of expertise, but most of it rests on the bull bar alone. So, ask yourself, “What’s the material? “And who made it?”

Some of the top players in the bull bar market are Westin, Steelcraft, Aries and Dee Zee. They’re all relatively similar, and every company uses the best materials—like stainless steel. However, that doesn’t imply that they’re identical. As long as you do your research, you’re guaranteed to get a good bull bar.


When you’ve got your hands on the bar of your choosing, here are a few generic setup procedures. We’d show you precisely how to do it but we do not really know what it is you’re driving or what kind of bar you’re having. For example, a Prado bullbar would fit differently when compared to a Hilux bullbar.

1. Remove the packing of your bullbar and review the user manual.

2. Check to ensure that you have all of the equipment you need and that no pieces are misplaced.

3. Slither between the front of your 4×4 and find the predrilled holes in the vehicle.

4. Lock the bar into the slots and twist them down.

5. Attach the bullbar to the mounting to ensure that it is evenly balanced and straight.

6. Double-check that all of the screws are secure.

How Exactly Does a Bullbar Work?

In certain cases, manufacturing companies use the identical bullbar model number for different vehicle types that share a common structure. Even the Silverado Bar will bear a striking resemblance to the Toyota Tundra bullbar, although the installing design would be quite distinctive. The point is a bullbar, and a high-quality bullbar is often a stronger bull bar.

Most of the bullbar suppliers are not promoters. They totally understand their MIG welder from their hydrogen rod, and their Toyota Hilux bullbar from their Ford Escape roof rack, but they typically don’t have time to advertise their products. That leaves an intermediary, and whether it be the off-road store down the block or one of the other online super-shoppers, if you know the guy who sells the Bullbars to you, you can trust the bullbars he sells to you.

Bottom line is that bullbars are massive, bulky, unmanageable blocks of steel, and mounting one on your own can be a major challenge. Rather than doing it alone, hire a partner to help. Just don’t be stubborn and try to get it done by yourself.

If a buddy feels intimidated, or if you feed him a line of bull, he or she is likely to get out. So do the reverse, woo them over with assurances of ice-cold drinks and hot-piping pizza, and you’re sure to have a bit of assistance or two sticking around on the day of operation.