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Pizza, Australia, and History

Aged, flavored, and improved day by day since the 18th century. There is pizza, originally known as a poor man’s dish. It started to gain popularity amongst the rich only when the King and Queen of Naples tried an assortment of pizzas in 1861 during the unification of Italy.

At its birth pizza was said to only be made with Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil, however as time passed, the dish evolved into what it is today. An evolutionary dish that can be enjoyed worldwide, but the best place to enjoy its rich and timeless flavors would be at Waurn Ponds Town and Country Pizza & Pasta.

Different pizzas for a variety of palates

There are a number of different pizza’s that appeal to different, especially in Australia, America, and Italy. The best pizza Waurn Ponds offered at Town and Country Pizza & Pasta, people with all kinds of palates can come together to enjoy the pizza ingredients they prefer.

Vegetarian Pizza

Veggie pizzas are made for consumers who mainly prefer vegetables and other ingredients such as cheese, tomato, capsicum, olives, onion, and mushrooms. If at all the pizza contains ingredients that the consumer does not like, they can have it removed or they can also have much more of the ones the consumer prefers.

Pizza Margherita

The pizza Margherita was named after the Queen Margherita of Naples herself. It is the type of pizza that she was fond of the most, while resembling the original pizza made, it contains Mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil.

Pizza Mexicana

Pizza Mexicana is not for the faint of heart, this spicy monster contains ham, hot chili, capsicum, tomato, and hot salami.  It was originally created in the 1990s in order to suit the taste buds of consumers from Mexico.

Satay Chicken

A treat for the people of South-East Asia, originating from Indonesia it contains satay chicken, cheese, tomato, corn, onion, extra cheese, and Satay sauce.

Gourmet Pizza

In addition to the limited number of traditional pizzas mentioned above Waurn Ponds Town and Country Pizza & Pasta also provides Gourmet Pizza.

Pizza has come a long way since the 18th century; gourmet pizza contains a variety of toppings and a very convoluted preparation process. It is a carefully prepared pizza inclusive of ingredients not normally found on pizza. The chef spends a great deal of time selecting vegetables, meat, food, and spices that complement each other naturally. Each Gourmet Pizza can have its own special sauce; these sauces are placed and rolled on specialty doughs. The gourmet dough is made out of an exclusive blend of flour, sugar, oil, and yeast in order to give it a refined taste that would match its ingredients.

The Perfect Pizza

The dough and the cooking technique are crucial factors when making a pizza. It is even though the pizza dough changes based on the type of pizza. Town and Country Pizza and Pasta believe that a delicious pizza can be obtained regardless of the combinations of dough and toppings. Their cooking techniques ensure that the pizza dough and its ingredients are cooked perfectly and at the same time as well.

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