Top factors to consider for switch inserts for REDARC controllers

If not for some brands like REDARC, towing would be a jumble. Thanks to its Tow-Pro Elite controller, all the boat owners, 4×4 owners, and even trailer-home owners have been nothing but grateful.

In this read, we’re going to talk about one of the most specific requirements that are needed during the installation; switch inserts, and factors you need to consider when buying them with REDARC braking controllers.

The brand compatibility

The Tow-Pro Elite is a product that has both manual and automatic configuration that is exclusively produced by REDARC industries. Thus, if there was an incompatibility of the inserts used, that have no brand and no synchronicity with the Elite braking controller, you can’t really expect the braking controller to function in the way they are supposed to. Hence, our recommendation is always to go for nothing else but REDARC inserts so that your investment brings enough of the expected functionality.

The nature of your vehicle

This factor only applies if you chose REDARC inserts, as you should. REDARC industries have been customizable enough to understand the differences of some of the most prominent heavy-duty vehicles such as Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, 70 Series Toyota, Nissan Pathfinder R52, Mercedes-Benz X Class, and even Mazda BT50.

In addition to that, the company has specifically manufactured inserts for remote housing replacement as well. Considering all these factors, it’s always ideal to choose REDARC branded switch inserts to ensure the Tow-Pro Elite works perfectly.

Whether they’re brand new or used

The cheap auto parts will always have issues within them. Especially the inability to ideally synchronize with the system. Give you have invested in a superior braking control like the REDARC Tow-Pro Elite, you should problem try your best to go for a brand new and original redarc tow pro switch insert and nothing else. This brand newness is going to increase the overall functionality and you won’t have to go for a replacement sooner than you need to at all.

The reliability of the reseller

By this time, you ought to know that buying directly from the seller is always going to cost you more. However, this doesn’t mean you should just settle down for very questionable prices in the market. Inserts typically fluctuate around the 200AUD mark, and if the price is close to 100AUD, you shouldn’t buy them since this sort of quality cannot come at that much of cheapness.

The best solution for this is settling down for a reliable and reputed reseller so that you’d know you’re buying the original products.

Who will do the installation?

There’s no doubt that a majority of people can do switch installations that are related to braking controls. But if you were not to but nothing else but REDARC branded ones for the job, the installation isn’t exactly going to be so convenient. Hence, you need to think twice about buying any other type of insert. Because if not, you’re going to end up damaging both the parts and the vehicle.

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